"Recently I engaged Sarah Kirkish to assist me in developing a customer contact system. Sarah kept me focused on the project and provided invaluable input during the process. As a result of her guidance and insight, I obtained an excellent finished product in a shorter than expected time period. I would highly recommend Sarah’s coaching services and would not hesitate to utilize her skills on future problem solving projects."
Bill Johnson, Vice President Business Banking - Citizens Bank

"Sarah is by far one of the top organizational experts in the country today. Her ideas are fresh and easy to implement. She can organize a home, a business or most importantly your life. She presents her material in a way that everyone can understand and believes that they can accomplish their goals. She is an audience favorite on BizzBuzzLive, one of America’s favorite business shows."
Timothy Chin - Host of BizzBuzzLive

"I am so pleased that my office looks, and is, clean and organized. I have many distractions during the day and organizing my office eliminates many distractions. After organizing my office, I have learned how important it is to be in charge of my workspace and the information that comes to me. I can choose how and when to handle that information. I know that I am much more productive having had your assistance. Being more productive translates to better control of record keeping, responsiveness and time keeping. Better time keeping means better billing and that is our bread and butter.

A million thanks. Try this and it is genuine"
Michael S. Leib - Attorney, Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth & Heller, P.C.

"Sarah Kirkish has demonstrated quality characteristics as she has moved me through the process of organizing a house space that was disorganized and unsightly. Sarah helped me visualize my space and its functionality, created a plan, and assisted in its implementation. Sarah always follows up on a project and is deeply involved in the process, bringing structure, organization and efficiency to her work. I would highly recommend Sarah for any organization project"
Christine Galli - Executive Director/CSO, Technology In A Box, LLC

"I would strongly recommend professionals use the coaching services of Ms. Sarah Kirkish. She was greatly helpful in three areas:
  1. Benchmarking my own performance
  2. Establishing ways to improve my performance
  3. Developing methods for dealing with employees and improving communication
Because of her unique technical, business, and project management background Ms. Kirkish was also greatly valuable as a sounding board for ideas before they are broadcast to a wider audience.

Professionals at every level would be well advised to utilize Ms. Kirkish’s services, especially those who are moving into new positions or want to move to new positions"
Kevin Wolford - Executive Director, AMECA, Inc.

"Sarah was a great help to me in organizing my office and my daily work routine. My office seems so much larger now that all those papers have disappeared! I probably save about 1-2 hours per week in not wasting time looking for missing papers. Sarah is very helpful in assisting you to accomplish your goals. I have recommended her services to my associates.
Robert Kaplow - Attorney, Maddin, Hauser, Wartell, Roth, & Heller, P.C.

"I want to write a note of praise and thanksgiving for Sarah Kirkish. She sat with me and listened to me and got a picture of me and my life. I was able to let go of the things cluttering my life and look over the horizon to a better future. I am able now to take the simple steps one at a time to find my passion, purpose and potential. Thank you Sarah for your mentoring skills. I would recommend Sarah to everyone!"
Cathy Tyler - Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

"Since I have been working with Sarah I have increased my sales by at least 10%. She has assisted me with coaching and setting my expectations of my staff. I am confident to delegate assignments, small and large to staff members knowing the work will be completed. Too many occasions I took on too much work, overloading myself only to let my customers down. With Sarah’s guidance I learned to teach and coach my staff to work as I would. Now the work I complete is processed completely and without errors.

Most of all her passion to help only keeps me motivated. She does not let me give up. Sarah suggested I get one schedule/calendar. I purchased a PDA. This was the best thing that could have happened to me, I have yet to miss a personal appointment or be tardy for any business functions.

The one thing I can say I walked away with is a quote that Sarah taught me…. If I say “yes” to this what am I saying “no” to? This single quote has changed my everyday thinking and process of life. It helps me in making decisions instead of taking on the world all by myself.

Sarah has been a true help to my everyday organizational daily duties personally and business. I am currently a client and plan on continuing to learn."
Carrie Curnow - Branch Manager, Flagstar Bank

"As a small business owner, I wear a lot of hats. From sales to billing to production to design, I do it all. Unfortunately, because of so much cross over, I was having trouble keeping organized—especially my paperwork. Not only did WLO help me improve the physical layout of my office, they also developed a system for processing items that keeps my desk clutter free and me as efficient as possible."
David Hammond - President, The Hammond Group, Inc.

"I first met Sarah during my career at Ford Motor Company. Sarah is a wonderful person and I consider her one of my dearest friends. Her managerial experiences at Ford, combined with her engineering skills and positive outlook on life, led to valuable contributions to her organizational interests such as the Society of Women Engineers. I have experienced her services, and I think she can successfully translate her skills and capabilities to positively benefit any customer she encounters. She is truly a treasure that I hope you can discover for your life coaching needs."
Pierre Debois – Founder, Zimana

"Sarah recently coached me through a large career transition decision. Through her patience and verbal guidance, I was able to realize that my ideal new position must meet my personal values to make me happy. With my values identified, my ideal position at OnStar came to me easily.

I would recommend Sarah Kirkish to any professional looking to make a large life decision. She has the talent to take you to the next level."
Michele Sellers - Planning Engineer, OnStar