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Organization Workshop for the New Year

Haywood Community College

I am excited to announce that the Small Business Center of Haywood Community College asked me to offer a seminar entitled, "Organizing your Work and Life - a Great Way to Start the Year!" on Thursday, January 6. This workshop promises to be an entertaining and useful way to start the year.

The workshop will cover the three main areas of disorganization: Time, Information and Workspace Management. Time Management includes: creating effective calendar systems, using follow-up systems that work and understanding the difference between "preparation and procrastination". Information Management includes: mastering your inbox and going from "piles to files". Workspace Management includes: how to use the "5 second rule" to know if your system is working.

If learning more about Time, Information or Workspace Management interests you, I offer complimentary consultations. Just email me to get started.

Organization Tips

My Simple Living Lessons

Simple Journey

As 2010 comes to a close and I approach the beginning of my 5th year as a coach and professional organizer, I thought I would share with you the lessons I learned over the last 10 years as I consciously simplified my life. I hope they shed some light onto who I am and why my work gives me so much joy.

Take time to figure out what is "enough" for you.

There is a point of diminishing returns with trying to have more, more, more. You can only figure out what you need and have "enough." "Enough" is achievable. You can be satisfied with "Enough". It's when you have more than enough, that dissatisfaction sneaks in like a virus. The beauty of this lesson is that you get to decide what is "enough." When you have it figured out for yourself, then you can stop comparing yourself to others. The freedom that comes with this lesson cannot be over stated.

Let Go to Receive Something Even Better.

Whether you realize it or not, you had to let go of a lot of things to get where you are today. When we are younger, we are eager to grow up. So we easily let go of childish things to let more grown up items into our life. As we get older, we forget that lesson and we hold on. The sad part of this lesson is that the tighter we hold, the harder it gets to stay in one place. I know lots of people who can't or won't let go of things that stopped working for them a long time ago. I can tell you though that every time I let go of old beliefs, relationships and stuff, I always got so much more than I ever dreamed possible in return.

Fear Complicates, while Confidence Simplifies.

When I acted with confidence and faith, I openly shared myself and my dreams with others. The act of sharing, meant that I became clearer about what I wanted and people often shared ideas that helped me to achieve my goals and dreams. When I got scared, I shut down and held onto a 'safe' job or relationship, but the cost was always the spark that made me a vibrant living person. Confidence always made things clearer, while fear always muddied the waters until I couldn't think straight. At the very least fake the confidence until you feel it. Before long things will change for the better.

Life is about People, never about Stuff.

This lesson came from my great aunt Helen. She was a hoarder, just like on those cable TV shows, with stuff piled to the ceiling. She bought things to share with her nieces and nephews, but over time she became ashamed to have them visit her home. She wanted relationships, but wound up with stuff. The time I spend with my loved ones is always more important than some new gadget. The next time a loved one wants your attention, tell them, "You are more important than this book/TV show/gadget." Your relationships will only benefit when you do.

Rich means having money, Wealth means having time.

When I worked in corporate America, I earned ten times more than I do now. But I couldn't travel and I was often too tired to enjoy my life and loved ones. As I have simplified my life, I get to share my best self with my loved ones and clients. The joy I get from helping others is so much more satisfying than the security I got from having a 'safe' job. To me, that is true wealth!

I would never tell anyone how to live their life. I just hope that some of these lessons might help you to realize that by lightening the load a bit there are some really great joys and freedoms on the other side.

My sincerest best wishes to you and your loved ones in 2011!

About Sarah

Sarah Kirkish

Sarah Kirkish is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Organizer with over 18 years of corporate project management experience. She understands the needs of both business and technical professionals with her background in engineering and business. Sarah brings a straightforward approach to hold her clients accountable, keep them focused and guide them to measurable success towards their personal goals.

I conduct organizational coaching by phone or in person. My goal is to help busy professionals simplify their lives from the inside out. The solution is usually somewhere in between, let's find it together!
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