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Sarah's Update

Presenting at the SWE Conference in Houston

Sarah Speaks!

I am excited to present my special report "The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting" this month in Houston at the Society of Women Engineers annual conference. If you are interested in this special report, see my Sarah's Offers section below.

Also as a Leadership Coach for SWE, I will be presenting a workshop on "First Aid For Leadership Burnout". Myself and another Leadership Coach will be sharing ways to spot signs of burnout and how to say "No" gracefully.

Urban Nomad Update

It is official, Rob and I are now full-time Nomads. We have moved to Oshkosh, WI for the winter and are living in our RV on the Glen Valley Horse Farm.

Rob spent his summer rebuilding his RV. If you didn't know that he owned an RV, here's a personal blog post about Stanley, our 1978 Minnie Winnie.

As always, my personal blog is the best way to be able to answer the ongoing question - “Where is Sarah living now?” I would love to hear your comments!

Organization Tips

Meet Your Happy Chemicals - Book Review

Meet Your Happy Chemicals - cover

Earlier this year I was given the chance to review "Meet Your Happy Chemicals" by Dr. Loretta G Breuning. I wanted to share this book with you because it definitely ties in with my special report - "The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting."

Believe it or not, it is possible to talk about your neurochemicals and not fall asleep. Dr. Breuning takes a fresh look at how our brains give us positive reinforcement. It should come as no surprise that our happy chemicals are tied to our survival.

The bad news is that these feelings of happiness can only last for a short while because in the wild we always need to be on alert for predators and other dangers.

The book goes on to describe how most bad habits are misguided attempts to feel good and how each neurochemical influences your behavior in a different way.

I especially enjoyed how you can use these neurochemicals to reinforce new habits and making changes in your life. The book provides a section on how to do just that.

Sadly the old adage that it takes 21 days to make a change doesn't hold true and it's closer to 45 days. That's why I say if you're going to spend the time and effort to make a change in your life, make it big!

"Meet Your Happy Chemicals: Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Serotonin" is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

Sarah's Offers

The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting - Special Report


Unable to make it to Houston to hear my Lightning Talk on the "The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting"? As loyal newsletter readers, I wanted to offer this special report to you.

"The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting" includes insider secrets to success such as:

  • Why you need both a carrot and a stick to stay on track.
  • Find out who is the best person to cheer you on? Hint: it's not your spouse!
  • How to overcome Procrastination - the biggest obstacle that kills 95% of goals.

Just, go to my Goal Setting special report. Then use the promo code "BonusWLO" when you check out.

Design Your Life's Road Map on Route 66 with Bonnie Marie Kuhn

Bonnie Marie Kuhn

This Spring, Work Life Organization was featured on the Solo Pros internet radio show hosted by Bonnie Marie Kuhn. Now I am happy to return the favor by letting you know about her upcoming teleseminar and teleclass starting this month.

Bonnie Marie's Teleseminar is called “Grab Your Blue Plate Special on Route 66”. She shares her 5 Keys to AAA Goal Planning for your life’s road map so you can live the life you really want to have, not just dream about it!

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 12:30pm Pacific Time / 3:30pm EST

As a special bonus, everyone who signs up for the free teleseminar is eligible for the drawing of ONE FREE TICKET to Bonnie Marie’s 9 Week Teleclass “Plan Your Life’s Road Trip!” Grab the Wheel, Kick-Start Your Goals for 2013 and the Rest of Your Life.

You can get more information and sign-up for Bonnie Marie's teleseminar here: "Design Your Life's Road Trip" It's a great way to start the new year, so don't miss this opportunity.

About Sarah

Sarah Kirkish

Sarah Kirkish is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Organizer with over 18 years of corporate project management experience. She understands the needs of both business and technical professionals with her background in engineering and business.

Sarah brings a straightforward approach to hold her clients accountable, keep them focused and guide them to measurable success towards their personal goals.

She provides coaching by phone and Skype. Her goal is to help busy professionals simplify their lives from the inside out. The solution is usually somewhere in between, let's find it together!
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