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Sarah's Update

Cat Crossing

Well it wouldn't be May if Rob and I didn't move. This is the third year in a row! Good thing we have this moving thing down to a science. Eh?

At least this time it was only a few miles away to house sit for our good friends, Jeffrey and Christine Smith. The Smiths own Northwest Navigation, a small ship adventure cruise business. Or as I call it, "A Bed and Breakfast on water."

While they are in Alaska for three months, we get to watch their house. And more importantly, we get to take care of their cats, Harriet and Oswald. I have been "cat-less" for over two years. Needless to say, it is good to be a "Cat Aunt" for the summer.

A bonus for Rob is that he gets to use the Smith's wood shop to rebuild his RV. If you didn't know that he owned an RV, here's a personal blog post about Stanley, our 1978 Minnie Winnie.

My pesonal blog is always the best way to be able to answer the ongoing question - “Where is Sarah living now?” I would love to hear your comments!

Sarah's Offers

The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting - Special Report


Did you miss my "Unstoppable Goal Setting Momentum" series earlier this month? We had a great time going through my WXYZ formula for Goal Setting success and the various chapters of my special report - "The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting"

Don't worry though you can still access the recordings here

Speaking of my WLO special report, I wanted to offer this to you for being loyal followers all these years! Normally this special report sells for $19, but I'm offering this to you at no charge.

"The Surprising Truths of Goal Setting" includes some of my insider secrets to success all in one place. Such as:

  • Some of the neuroscience behind actually achieving your goals once and for all.
  • Why you need both a carrot and a stick to stay on track.
  • Find out who is the best person to cheer you on? Hint: it's not your spouse!
  • How to overcome Procrastination - the biggest obstacle that kills 95% of goals.

Here’s how it works. First, go to my Goal Setting special report. Then use the promo code "BonusWLO" when you check out.

Optimizing Your Outlook Webinar with Randy Dean

Randy Dean, MBA

Recently, I supported my friend Randy Dean, MBA (aka "The Totally Obsessed Time & E-mail Management Guy's") and his new productivity webinar series by announcing the launch of his Taming the E-mail Beast Webinar program back in March.

Now, Randy is announcing the second live webinar of his year-long productivity development "academy", Optimizing Your Outlook, taking place next Tuesday, June 5, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern, 10:30 a.m. Central, and 8:30 a.m. Pacific.

As a co-sponsor to this program, I have arranged for an additional 10% discount for all program registrants (this is in addition to the current 10% "early bird" discount currently in place). To qualify for the additional 10% discount, please enter the following code: "WorkLife" -- on the program registration page when prompted.

This will be the same 90-minute session Randy delivers at major conferences, companies, and universities, and will provide you with a complete system for better managing your Outlook for enhanced productivity, and will build nicely upon the recent Taming E-mail webinar.

You can get more information on this webinar program and the free bonuses just for registering here: Click Here to Visit the "Optimizing Your Outlook" Program Information/Registration Page

Remember to enter the following code: "WorkLife" -- on the program registration page when prompted to get your additional 10% registration discount!

Can't make the date/time!?! No worries -- the program will be recorded and shared with all program registrants.

Again I am happy to provide information on this excellent and cost-affordable program for getting more productivity from your Microsoft Outlook software. (Remember to use the "WorkLife" code for an additional 10% discount!)

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