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It might seem odd that having firm boundaries means increasing your self-confidence, but amazingly it does seem to work out that way. Plus if you are looking for more Work Life Organization online, this issue has all the obligatory social media links in one place!

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Boundaries for Self-Confidence


If you were driving down the highway and all of a sudden the lane markers disappeared, how would you drive amidst all the traffic? Would you keep going at breakneck speed and hope you don't crash? Or would you slow down to a crawl and hug at least one side of the road?

Personal boundaries work in a similar way. They help us safely navigate our lives, but without them, disaster is waiting just around the next curve.

Defining Boundaries

When my clients are overwhelmed it is because they let people and obligations into their lives without thinking. Their boundaries were not well defined and therefore could not do their job. Consequently they doubted that they were doing the right thing and out of guilt they agree to do even more! The vicious cycle continues.

Boundaries are where you know what you want and what you don't want. What you are willing to give to another person, situation or job. While you cannot anticipate every situation, you can at least pick some areas that clear for you.

One example is the boundary between work and home life. Tell everyone that work stops at a certain time, say 6pm. Actually turn off the cell, email and blackberry, if necessary. Do this consistently and co-workers will know they need to catch you before 6pm or wait until the next business day. Peace at home will also increase significantly because when you are home, your loved ones will know they have your full attention.

Defending Boundaries

Once you have a boundary defined, then you need to firmly and gently defend it. This is where learning to say "No" or "No Thank You" gracefully comes in. Get creative and if necessary practice in front of a mirror.

When you set a new boundary, be prepared for the people closest to you to test it. Don't take this personally, just gently remind them what the boundary is and why you set it up in the first place. They might not like it, but you can be sure that they will respect your integrity for defending this new boundary consistently.

How Boundaries Increase Self-Confidence

So how does setting a boundary increase your self-confidence? We are creatures of habit. When we have good habits that are tied in with our values then we can act in alignment with those values and be satisfied with the results.

Unfortunately when we don't have good boundaries, every circumstance becomes an exception. We are constantly reacting to other people's values. It is no wonder that we are pulled in so many directions and we doubt ourselves!

When you know where your boundaries are, then you can respect yourself and know that you are doing the right thing. This is the fastest way I know to increase your self-confidence, not to mention improving all your personal relationships at the same time!

If you are having difficulties with boundaries, do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can find your boundaries and increase your self-confidence!

About Sarah

Sarah Kirkish

Sarah Kirkish is a Certified Life Coach and Professional Organizer with over 18 years of corporate project management experience. She understands the needs of both business and technical professionals with her background in engineering and business. Sarah brings a straightforward approach to hold her clients accountable, keep them focused and guide them to measurable success towards their personal goals.

I conduct organizational coaching by phone or in person. My goal is to help busy professionals simplify their lives from the inside out. The solution is usually somewhere in between, let's find it together!
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