Meet Your Coach
Sarah Kirkish is the owner of Work Life Organization. She helps busy professionals simply their lives from the inside out. She started her career as an engineer, where she observed the concept of “you get what you measure.“ She applies this same principle to help clients become more aware of their choices and make measurable progress to achieve their goals.

Sarah has over 18 years of corporate project management experience and has observed how these same methods can be used to increase personal productivity. She understands how the accelerating pace of technology causes life to get more complex year after year and so she provides organization systems to her clients to help them enjoy the lives that they have worked so hard to create.

She has personal productivity systems designed to conquer the clutter in offices, calendars and inboxes. Her particular specialty is handling the every day onslaught of paper and emails that lead to an overflowing inbox and desk. She has worked with a wide range of clients such as Lawyers, Bankers, Engineers and Small Business Owners.

Her clients say it is her professional and grounded approach with a touch of humor that makes her the logical choice to help you with your organizational needs. She wants you to know that she is not here to judge, but to help you succeed.

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See why some say that Sarah is: “by far one of the top organizational experts in the country today!“
Small Business Trends Expert Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
Sarah Kirkish
Sarah's strengths are key to your success:

* INPUT - to use your preferences, values and goals to create your customized system.

* LEARNER - to share cutting edge skills and techniques to help you quickly achieve success.

* DISCIPLINE - to apply objective measures to mark your progress towards your goals.

* HARMONY - to help you create the balance and peace of mind that comes from getting organized.